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The Spa at The Wynn Review


Eyes closed. Silent except the faint sound of the elements. Rain, water, breath. Soothing soft chimes sing to my inner soul as my tensions release. Focusing only on my breathing, my mind clears, and senses open. Warmth surrounds me I feel the tension ease from every part of my body: my toes, my calves, my back, my mind. I am open.

Over a long weekend, I found spa nirvana at the Wynn Resort. For three days, the facilities, the treatments and atmosphere at the Wynn Spa created an oasis of pure relaxation. With my kids safely at home with the in laws and my husband enjoying the golf course along the Vegas Strip, I smiled and reminded myself that this is the best birthday present of all time.

So how did I get here?

Well I dropped a few hints to my husband that we needed some time to relax, reconnect and have some serious fun. The issue is my idea of relaxation is not the same as his. Sure we could have done a beach vacation but my hubby would have been stir crazy the first 30 minutes sitting still. His idea of fun is crossing off golf courses on his bucket list. Sure I enjoy a round of golf or two but as a causal golfer it more often than not is frustrating not fun. The two of us like adventure filled with shows, site seeing and night life but at the moment we both do not have time to plan a long weekend with our hectic work schedules and chaotic

Well in search of the ultimate couples getaway to celebrate my birthday and reconnect, what better combination than combing what I so badly needed (relaxation and rejuvenation), what Brian throughly enjoys (chasing the elusive hole in one), throw in fun, excitement, entertainment experienced together. Not to mention, we don’t often go on trips that our family or friends or businesses don’t plan. With two young kids, active schedules, travels for work we wanted to go somewhere where all our requests were catered to. We came to the same conclusion… Vegas baby.

But where to go that offers it all. Our first thought… The Wynn, home to 4 hours of black jack at the same table sipping chocolate martinis on our last trip to vegas. I still remember the couple we met at the table, and our gracious casino dealers and hosts.

We offered the Wynn the first right of refusal to deliver on our goals previously outlined. I am guessing you can tell by now… They deliver just that.

Common advice recommends to go into life with your eyes wide open. While I practice those words in my business life, when it comes to my spa adventures, I take the opposite and close them.

Experience Encore at the wynn from the inside out. Without sight you remaining senses are heightened and absorb the senses that calm relax, empower your being. Close your eyes so that you can truly be present. Close your eyes, clear your mind, Get out of your own way, and just plain feel. The good luck ritual at the Wynn gave me more something more powerful than luck I received balance. This ritual empowers the senses. Close your eyes now. Can you hear it? Smell it? Feel it?


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