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Vacation Prep – Wax to Relax

Leave The Razor At Home


Escaping the Winter doldrums and heading for the beach? You will definitely want to prepare your skin for all that public exposure. The best way to accomplish this is to wax away all those unwanted hairs. If you live anywhere in Southeastern Wisconsin…..I have the PERFECT place for you, Clean Slate Spa in Brookfield.

Susan Keefe, the owner, is the one you want to see. Susan has 10+ years experience as a skincare professional and, in my opinion, no-one can do it better. If you do not live in the area, call your local spa to see if you can receive a similiar treatment.

Why take a razor with you on vacation when you can have beautiful, smooth, hair free skin the entire time and never have to worry about shaving before hitting the pool or ocean. Who wants razor stubble in the bikini area?

For my upcoming vacation to the beach, I decided to go all out. I got my eye brows, under arms, legs and bikini area all waxed. Susan had me in and out of her salon in less than 45 minutes and not a stray hair to be found. It was great.

I won’t lie to you, it isn’t completely pain free. I do not have a very high pain tolerance, so if I can have all of these wonderful services done, anyone can. Susan is so fast, it’s over before you even realize it hurt.

So, if you are planning a beach get-a-way soon, consider going “bare” and leaving that razor behind!!

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Vicky Lear is a contributor to SpaTrips.com.

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